Where to start the construction of commercial real estate?

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Start-up entrepreneurs often have the problem of how to start building commercial real estate. The stages of construction of such facilities differ from personal construction works. But, a clear sequence of actions will allow achieving the intended goals with minimal risks.

  1. Preparation for construction.
  2. Choice of the land plot.
  3. Engineering and geological surveys
  4. Primary documentation and preliminary budget calculation
  5. Get permission.
  6. Construction scheme.
  7. Choosing a construction company

Preparation for construction

Commercial real estate is built for business development, so the process requires careful analysis from the very beginning. 

To exclude negative consequences it is necessary to analyses the capabilities suggested by commercial contractors in Edmonton

To this end, an initial assessment of financial capabilities is carried out, taking into account own funds, investments, state support, loans, loans, and other revenues. It is better if you get the planned finances before the start of construction.

The construction of commercial real estate is divided into several stages. Make a plan that allows you not to miss important details for the successful implementation of the project. 

The document must contain:

  • sketch of the building under construction;
  • overall dimensions;
  • number of stories and number of premises indicating their area;
  • type of planned roof;
  • method of heating the premises;
  • type of entrance group
  • Gates, glazing, and other moments

Land plot selection

The requirement of a plot is vital to building a commercial building. Future costs depend on the literacy of choice, both upwards and downwards. When searching for a place for construction, the following points are taken into account:

  • restrictions on the orientation of the building on the site and the construction in height;
  • availability of engineering communications in the allocated territory or nearby: power grid, gas, water supply, sewerage;
  • whether municipal services were responsible for the area;
  • ecological purity and prospects for the development of adjacent territories;
  • Businesses located in the neighbourhood.

It is advisable to contact the employees of the law firm. Then get a qualified assessment of the land allocated for construction. The following are subject to verification: the correctness of documentation, the boundaries of the territory, and the category of land, also engineering and geological surveys.

To build a commercial building, you can consider the possibility of obtaining a plot in an industrial park with the entire necessary infrastructure.

Engineering and geological surveys

The sellers present the results of the geological examination of the site. If there is no such data, then you need to order topographic surveys and engineering and geological surveys from a licensed company (organization). The foundation of the future structure is based on calculation.

Identify the dangerous places are identified where it is better not to build a building, not to lay engineering communications and a drainage system. Thanks to geological expertise designers, they will be able to correctly orient the structure, taking into account the safe distance to neighbouring buildings and connect communications.

Primary documentation and preliminary budget calculation

To do an architectural and working project of a commercial structure it is necessary to provide the urban development plan of the land plot. The results of engineering and geological surveys also, the technical task of detailing the requirements for the object: the size of the structure, the type of roof, glazing, etc. When searching for specialists, attention is paid to companies operating in the region of the planned construction, which facilitates obtaining permits and other documentation.

Upon receipt of the approved project, construction costs are specified. An accurate calculation of costs with a minimum error is provided by any commercial contractors.  It happen especially commercial contractors in Edmonton. The budget should include unforeseen expenses at the level of 10%. To search for builders, queries are sent simultaneously to several companies to create competition.