Weeping Tile Installation in Edmonton

The weeping tiles are porous pipes used to discharge underground water. Generally, these pipes are made of plastic with weep holes designed to redirect water away from the home. The plastic pipes are placed in a dug-out trench around the building’s foundation with the holes facing downward. The water from rainfall and snow flows through the ground and the perimeter drain collects it and carries it further out into the yard.

While constructing an effective weeping tile, an important aspect is a proper slope in the surrounding earth. The exact measurements of the slope will vary depending on the size of the property. Generally, it’s recommended that the earth slopes away from the house at a grade of 1 inch per foot for every 6 to 10 feet of yard. If you see a typical drain system in Edmonton, you will find that it is sloped 1/4 inch per foot.

Proper Installation of Weeping Tile

Nowadays, most modern buildings are built with weeping tiles. A trench is excavated around the foundation during construction. We ensure that the surrounding earth is professionally graded for proper sloping. To prevent clogging, the weeping pipe is either wrapped in a cloth or mesh material to prevent soil from entering the holes. And the area surrounding the pipe is filled in with coarse gravel to encourage drainage. Finally, the pipe is covered with concrete on top.

Weeping Tile Maintenance

The construction company is responsible for proper sloping, but the building owners are responsible for properly maintaining it. When installed and maintained perfectly, a weeping tile can last a few decades. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your weeping tile system working properly.

  • Regular plumbing checks and maintenance are needed.
  • Ensure that your sump pump is operating properly.
  • Clean out debris from gutters and redirect downspouts away from the house.
  • Inspect around the property to check for spongy soil or pooling water.

These simple checks will help you to get rid of larger problems. If you find any symptoms of the damage, then make sure to address them as soon as possible.

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