Construction tools you need for the residential construction works

Today, more and more people want to live in a country house, and not in an apartment. There are many reasons; it is not only ecology and silence. Therefore, today blogs and YouTube channels are popular. Here the process of building your house is gradually shown. If you do it yourself, then it is even cheaper. But it’s not that simple.

You can find many video reviews of houses. It looks attractive but in fact, everything is somewhat more complicated and expensive than the authors. First, they don’t take into account the time they spent. Secondly, the expert residential contractors in Edmonton suggest not considering the cost of tools. We were wondering how much you need to spend on tools when building a house. We will consider a frame house (today it is one of the most popular options), all the tools will be of a semi-professional level, that is, not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. For calculations, we will take average prices. Also, note that we will not consider trifles, like roulette, level, extension cords, which will not affect our conclusions.

However, the article has blocks of products that we recommend, in which the prices are up-to-date.

Preparatory work

So, you have a plot that needs to be prepared for construction. You will need electricity, which may not be conducted since you do not yet have a house or there are no power lines yet. Therefore, it is worth starting with the purchase of a generator, since building a house using only battery power tools is not the best idea. Since you will have to use sufficiently powerful power tools, you will not be able to do with a cheap and low-power generator. 

Next, you need to move on to the foundation, in the case of a frame house, there can be three main options: a slab, a ribbon, or piles. In the case of piles, most likely, you will have to use construction equipment. The thing is that this equipment implies a one-time use, if you only need to build a house, and then there is not much sense in buying it. It is enough to rent equipment or just order a foundation (often, they do it this way). And now, let’s move on to the tools;

List of tools

We hope that our list will be exhaustive, after all, the process of building a frame house is quite typical, which allows you to choose all the tools that may be required. 


What is the work with wood without a chainsaw? You can argue that an ordinary hand saw is quite suitable, but the cost of chainsaws is not such as to save on it. It will facilitate and reduce the time of work. In addition, it can be in use in the future. 

Circular saw

A circular saw will be required where a chainsaw cannot cope. During construction, it is in use very often. 

Angle grinder

An angle grinder or simply a “grinder” is a very useful tool. It is an indispensable enough tool that its shortage, if necessary, is felt very strongly. It will be a reliable angle grinder that will last a long time. 

Electric planer

It is unlikely that they build a house from wood and do not need a planer. The only question is about the volume of work, if it is not enough, then you can use the usual manual, and if a lot, then without electricity it will all be very long and difficult. 

Multi functional tool

As we have already analyzed in one of our articles, a multi functional tool does not replace other specialized types fully, but for some works, especially small ones, it is simply indispensable. With it, you can do something that cannot be done with other power tools. It can grind, polish, engrave, cut, and perform other types of work. And, what is especially valuable is to do it in hard-to-reach places, where the usual tool can not climb.


It will be needed in any case and you will have to work with it for a long time, so it makes no sense to buy a cheap model that will be unable to withstand serious loads and work for a long time without interruptions. Also, in our opinion, it is more convenient to buy a cordless screwdriver (specifically for construction). 

Nail gun

On thematic forums, what to use in the construction of a frame house: nails or self-tapping screws? There are many disputes, but still, most agree that it is better to use nails, they are simply more reliable. 

Spray gun

Just note that they are used not only for painting itself. With its help, you can treat wood with protective compounds and use them for other similar purposes. The spray gun should be bought not only for the actual painting of the house. Buying more expensive options does not make much sense. They are built for professional use.

But in any case, self-construction with the purchase of tools will be cheaper. But also risky so you can connect with residential contractors in Edmonton. In addition, after the completion of construction, some unnecessary power tools can be sold, returning part of the money. Based on these considerations, it is better not to buy cheap models that may not live to the end of the construction. And their price in the secondary market will be simply ridiculous.