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Window Well

A window well is the area outside a basement window, which both retains the surrounding dirt and drains rainwater away. Window wells are required when any portion of a basement window is below grade. Window wells require drainage (when water gets inside the well it must be able to drain away) otherwise water continues to rise and eventually leaks into your basement in through the window.




Many homeowners damage their finished basement by enlarging an existing window well or installing a new window where one never existed and they don’t excavate to the weeping tile to insure proper drainage. During a heavy rain the well could overflow causes extensive damage to your finished basement, sliding style windows are not designed to be completely watertight; extensive rain can turn an improperly installed window well into an aquarium!


Another common problem are window wells that were never properly fastened to the wall. As the ground freezes and swells it may over time gradually push the window well up, eventually causing the earth to flow under the well and to the drain, causing the drainage system to fail in that area.


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